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Contributor to Broad Street Review beginning in 2008

Blogger for Huffington Post ​beginning in 2016

Poems and stories published by Chaleur, Kaleidoscope, Fledgling Rag, The Write Launch and ​Midnight and Indigo.

Author of Choices (Kensington/Arabesque)

Feeling lonely and vulnerable with her husband, a rising young singer, away for months at a time, Chaney faces a tempting choice when she encounters Taurique, her former high-school sweetheart, after many years of separation. 

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Maria Thompson Corley

Pianist, Educator, Writer, Composer, ​voice Actor

Author of Letting Go 

Louise Caiola, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Making of Nebraska Brown, called LETTING GO "a smart and sexy story that captures the raw essence of love. Heartfelt, haunting, tender, tough and true."

Even though she lives hundreds of miles away, when Langston, who dreams of being a chef, meets Cecile, a Juilliard-trained pianist, he is sure that his history of being a sidekick, instead of a love interest, is finally over. Their connection is real and full of potential for a deeper bond, but the obstacles between them turn out to be greater than distance. Can these busy, complicated people be ready for each other at the same time? Does it even matter?

Before they can answer these questions, each must do battle with the ultimate demon—fear.

Told in a witty combination of standard prose, letters, emails, and diary entries, LETTING GO, in the tradition of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's AMERICANAH, is a long-distance love story that also examines race, religion, and the difficult choices we make following our passions. From the Great White North to the streets of New York City to the beaches of Bermuda, LETTING GO is a journey of longing, betrayal, self-discovery and hope you will never forget.